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We are blessed by your visit to the Rise Above It Family Church webpage. We are a body of true believers committed to worshipping, praising, and serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Continuous upheaval, chaos and crisis are capable of bombarding our everyday lives. Rise Above It Family Church is a place of refuge and empowerment for all those who enter into covenant fellowship. We know that there are those who have an authentic hunger for faith in God. Rise Above It Family Church equips individuals, through The Word of God, to face, overcome and rise above the issues that tend to attack us from day to day. It is through the teaching of The Word that our covenant members encounter and walk in the fullness of God's grace and power daily. Spiritual, emotional, physical, family, financial and generational success is God's will for our lives. This message is an integrate part of  the Rise Above It Family Church ministry, with  Jesus Christ at the center.
People all over the world are seeking for a body of believers that are Kingdom minded, Christ-centered, multicultural, loving, filled with the Holy Spirit, and are empowered to proclaim and demonstrate the relevancy, vision, and mission of the Kingdom of God. You will find all of this at Rise Above It Family Church!
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